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NASA conducted a number of tests during April to launch the Orion spacecraft and the SLS rocket. The rehearsal included the full refueling of the rocket and the countdown to the moment the engines were fired. But in the process, problems commodity prices
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were identified with the fuel and helium supply to the rocket. According to the latest report, it was revealed that there were leaks when pumping both hydrogen and helium. s & p 500
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Expressing that the rehearsal was stopped because of this, NASA finally confirmed that it had repaired the rocket. kk24 Expressing that it provided hydrogen supply to the tanks in the first stage and changed a clogged cryptocurrency bitcoin price
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engine valve in the helium discharge system in the second stage, the space agency said that there was a piece of rubber inside the valve from which it was unknown. radioglos It was stated that after all problems are resolved, the rocket will be taken to the launch pad once again at the end of May. If all goes well, the SLS rocket will take the Orion spacecraft to the Moon as part of the Artemis I mission in July. wrzesnia If the SLS and Orion launch goes smoothly, the astronauts will be sent to the Moon as part of the Artemis II and Artemis III missions. Popular video streaming platform Netflix has recently announced that it will

impose sanctions on users who share passwords outside the same home. Then, after the hikes in some countries, Netflix began to lose subscribers rapidly for the first time. wpr24 The launch of platforms such as Amazon Prime and HBO Max also caused Netflix to lose blood rapidly. After all this, the platform experienced a rapid decline in its shares. After the damage he suffered, it turned out that he was working on Netflix’s live broadcast feature. It has even started to become clear what kind of projects it will include on the platform. Let’s take a look at the details of the news together.

Netflix wants to broadcast live broadcast shows!
According to the news of Deadline, Netflix wants to broadcast projects such as stand-up and television Practice Makes Progress

programs with its live broadcast feature. At the same time, it is also among the allegations that Netflix brings a live voting system for the programs to be broadcast. Finanza

Disney Plus has recently announced that it will broadcast a live program called Dancing with the Stars, which has been broadcasting on television for years. After Netflix launches its new feature, it is expected to include such entertaining competition programs.

More details about Netflix’s new feature and projects are currently unclear. In addition, it is among those known that the company is still in the first stage to develop this feature. However, the platform is expected to bring the feature in a short time to regain lost subscribers.

Instant messaging application WhatsApp is changing the interface of the status section for Android devices. It also adds an additional shortcut for privacy. New functions are currently under testing by WABetaInfo users. The stable version is expected bocoran taiwan
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to arrive in a few days. So, what will change in the WhatsApp interface and what will the new privacy shortcut do? Let’s take a look at the details of the news together.

WhatsApp will change its text status interface!
Popular messaging app WhatsApp makes its status interface the same for Android devices as it does for iOS devices. When creating status on Android devices, emoji, text and color palette icons in the lower left will be moved to the upper right of the screen.

Instant messaging app WhatsApp will also offer a sticker at the bottom to quickly change who can watch the statuses to be shared. In this way, users will practically change who can monitor their status. Currently, WhatsApp users are changing who can see the status in Settings & Privacy.

The new interface and privacy feature, which is in the testing phase, will come to the stable version soon. The popular application recently introduced the ability to react to messages with emoji for all users. Then, not only that, but also chat filtering started to test the quick response features.